Agnostic connections to the audio ecosystem

Programmatic connections

The future is already here โ€” it’s just not evenly distributed. Programmatic connections enable publishers to connect supply inventory through disparate ad servers, SSPs, and DSPs to communicate with each other with an agnostic approach.

VAST client-side audio ad enablement

Client-side: VAST tags for ad insertion involve the clientโ€™s media player requesting ads from an ad server. Ads are then displayed for the end user at the opportune moment.

VAST server-side audio ad enablement

Server-side: VAST tags for ad insertion involve the server generating ads and stitching them into the media directly. From there, the ads are served to the chosen media player.

The goal of inserting ads on the server-side is to also improve monetization, as traditional ad-blocking software is no longer able to bypass ad content playback.

PMP integration via AdsWizz AudioMax

For publishers who have an existing direct relationship with AdsWizz, the supply is already in your own AudioMax SSP instance. We can connect to your inventory through a private marketplace (PMP) connection.


VASTproxy removes the programmatic connector politics to experience true open marketplaces. At its core, it is a versatile infrastructure SoundStack product that enables any VAST connection between any type of ad server or any advertising ecosystem component (SSP/DSP/Exchange).

See what programmatic connections can do for you

  • Flexible, varied connections to audio supply or audio demand
  • Enable direct dynamic audio ad insertion

Our independence is your freedom

We are the agnostic partner of choice for accessing the audio ecosystem.ย 

Demand partners: our marketplace integrations, agnostic stance and reporting tools are best of breed.

Publisher partners/dev/tech:ย  Our open API integrations, proxies, and monitoring tools provide transparent access and real-time insights.

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