Worry-free radio automation

Radio automation in the cloud

Host your primary or redundant radio automation playout on SoundStack’s infrastructure to maximize uptime while broadcasting directly to an AM or FM transmitter for OTA broadcasts.

High availability

Our cloud encoding services are hosted in a data center environment, on equipment fully owned and controlled by SoundStack. With cloud encoding, you can increase uptime and reduce latency of your audio signal.

Automation agnostic

Run any automation radio system or utilize a leased license from SoundStack to reduce upfront capital expenditures.

Primary or backup

Use data to make informed decisions for your programming, release schedule, and advertising efficiencies to boost your overall audio experience.

Seamless workflow

Seamlessly schedule music, configure encoders, audio processing, voice tracking, and more with multiple user support from any computer in the world, fully secured and managed by SoundStack.

Cloud encoding that's customizable for your needs

  • Hosted in secured data centers
  • Windows operating system available
  • 2N configuration available
  • Multiple user control
  • Fully managed security

Radio stations save operational resources and money

The radio industry has been trying to figure out ways to reduce overhead for years while the streaming industry has very much been aware of the benefits of audio over IP as an STL alternative, but with no real way to implement it until now. With the FCC no longer requiring a physical studio in the market in which you’re broadcasting, SoundStack’s cloud encoding is the perfect solution for these radio stations to reduce expenses. Cloud encoding allows radio stations with limited or even unlimited budgets to save operational resources and money.

Let's get your audio in order